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Custom Ferro Constant Voltage Transformers

Electronetics has extensive experience designing and building CVT transformers for a variety of applications and regulation profiles as tight as ±3% over wide line and load variations.

These highly specialized transformers are designed to enhance and control characteristics that are normally minimized. CVTs require highly controlled leakage inductance (the inductance that prevents any primary voltage from transferring to the secondary) in order to isolate the secondary from the primary. The leakage inductance is electrically connected to a capacitor that forms a resonant tank circuit causing the secondary portion of the magnetic core to saturate. Saturation, something to be avoided in other transformer designs, is exploited to force a maximum limit on the secondary voltage.

Electronetics designs CVT transformers for a wide variety of applications with regulation profiles as tight as ±3% with an input voltage variation as much as ±15%. The pros and cons of CVTs with this capability are:

  • Good output regulation with no active circuitry
  • High reliability
  • Excellent primary to secondary isolation
  • Improved power factor on the primary even when the secondary is rectified and filtered
  • Excellent tolerance to continued short-circuit on the secondary
  • Can be audibly noisy
  • Large size relative to power output
  • Requires separate resonating capacitor
  • Does not tolerate surge loads
  • Lower efficiency due to more core material and saturating part of the core


Transformer Type

Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT)
Ferroresonant Transformer

Ferroresonant Voltage Regulator



Primary Voltage Range

110-230 VAC Single Phase
230-580 VAC 3-Phase, etc)

Operating Frequency

50/60/400 Hz

Secondary Voltage Range

Up to 600V

Output Power Rating

Up to 10kVA


Free Standing Coil
Horizontal Chassis Mounting

Vertical Chassis Mounting


Flying Leads
Quick Disconnect Terminals

Effective Design Options

Cooling Systems
Custom Footprint Design



Low Profile Design

Magnetic Shielding

Test Results available in documentation


Power Distribution
Power Supply

Order Quantity

No order is too small or too large

Typical Lead Time

Lead time depends on customer requirements and scope

Quality Assurance

100% HiPot Testing
100% Parametric Acceptance Testing

100% Visual Inspection

Continuous Process Improvement

D1-9000 Avionics Quality Systems

In-process inspections

ISO quality standards and procedures

Test Results are captured and available as part of the documentation

UL 5506 Flammability Standard construction materials

UL Listed Insulation Systems

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