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Custom High Frequency Magnetics - Transformers & Inductors

Electronetics has extensive experience designing and building custom high frequency magnetic components in virtually every shape, size, frequency and power level. We can also optimize your overall circuit design with a transformer or inductor precisely customized for your application. Our capabilities include:

Single-Ended Buck
Operates at a higher frequency than a typical line transformer. Used in a class of power supplies known as "switched-mode." Part of a circuit topology known as a buck regulator, which indicates to the designer that a special set of parameters is required for proper performance.

Push-Pull Buck - Derived Forward
Switched-mode transformer that differs from single-ended buck in that the latter only works magnetically in one direction, whereas push-pull topology works in both directions for superior core utilization. Primary and secondary coil(s) typically have a winding with a tap directly in the center of the coil.

A common variation is a full bridge, or "H" bridge, consisting of 4 power transistors with the transformer primary connected in between, thus forming an "H". The primary is simpler with a single winding while the secondary is often identical to the push-pull version.

Flyback - Discontinuous Current (or Continuous Current)
Switched-mode transformer that stores transferred energy to the secondary. "Continuous/discontinuous" indicates whether current flowing through the secondary decays to zero before the next cycle commences (discontinuous), or whether some current is flowing when the next cycle commences (continuous).

Gate / Base Drive
Designed to interface a power transistor drive circuit to the power transistor gate (if a MOSFET) or base (if a bipolar junction transistor). Must comply with strict isolation voltage requirements and feature superior electrical coupling between primary and secondary. Circuit topology can vary significantly; e.g, single primary and single secondary; single primary with dual isolated secondaries; push-pull primary with either of the two secondary types.

High Frequency Inductors
Used in switched-mode power supplies to filter high frequency pulses common in switched-mode power supplies. Can be designed to work with substantial DC current with AC superimposed on top, or with no DC at all.

RF Power Transformers
This is a special class of high frequency transformer for very high operating frequencies. Requires special consideration in the selection of appropriate core and wire materials.


Inductor Types

CMC Choke, with and without DC Bias, AC Impedance

Transformer Type

Audio Transformer
Base Drive Transformer

Boost Transformer

Constant Voltage Transformer, CVT, Ferro

Continuous Current Flyback Trasnformer

Discontinuous Current Flyback Transformer

Full Bridge Transformer

Gate Drive Transformer

Push-Pull Buck Transformer

RF Power Transformer

Single-Ended Buck Transformer


Non-RF: Ferrite-Core, Toroidal, Laminated
RF: Air-Core, Ferrite-Core, Transmission-line, Baluns

Primary Voltage Range

110-230 VAC Single Phase
230-580 VAC 3-Phase, etc)

Operating Frequency

From line frequencies (50/60/400 Hz) to RF (1 MHz or more)

Secondary Voltage Range

Up to 40,000V

Output Power Rating

Up to 100 kVA


Free Standing Coil
Horizontal Chassis Mounting

PCB Mounting

Vertical Chassis Mounting


Flying Leads
PCB Pins

Quick Disconnect Terminals

Solder Lugs

Thru-Hole Bobbin Terminal

Effective Design Options

Cooling Systems
Custom Footprint Design



Low Profile Design

Magnetic Shielding

Test Results available in documentation


Audio Amplifier
Power Supplies, Aerospace, Medical, Avionics, Commercial Products


Scientific & Laboratory Equipment

Order Quantity

No order is too small or too large

Typical Lead Time

Lead time depends on customer requirements and scope

Quality Assurance

100% HiPot Testing
100% Parametric Acceptance Testing

100% Visual Inspection

Continuous Process Improvement

D1-9000 Avionics Quality Systems

In-process inspections

ISO quality standards and procedures

Test Results are captured and available as part of the documentation

UL 5506 Flammability Standard construction materials

UL Listed Insulation Systems

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