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Custom SMT/SMD Transformers & Inductors

Surface Mount Technology magnetics refers to a method of attaching transformers and inductors to a printed circuit board. SMT parts are generally soldered directly to the PCB, eliminating the hassle of wiring and mounting. For this reason, SMT components are ideal for electronics produced in high volume.

Any standard through-hole component can be produced as a more compact SMT component that will occupy minimal circuit board area. This is typically accomplished using bobbins with SMT pins rather than hole pins. Otherwise an SMT design is identical to its through-hole counterpart.

SMD/SMT Transformers  · Inductors  · Capabilities

SMD/SMT Transformers

Transformer Type

Converter Transformers
Isolation Transformers

Pulse Transformers


Ferrite Core

Primary Voltage Range

Up to 1,000V

Operating Frequency

5 kHz to 1 MHz

Secondary Voltage Range

To Customer Requirements

Output Power Rating

Up to 2.5kVA


Up to 80% or better


Types Available

CMC Choke, with and without DC Bias, AC Impedance

Power Rating

To Customer Requirements



We can make custom designs that minimize footprint


Consumer Electronics



Mobile Electronics

Portable Electronics

Power Supplies

Wireless Electronics

Order Quantity

No order is too small or too large

Typical Lead Time

Lead time depends on customer requirements and scope

Quality Assurance

100% HiPot Testing
100% Parametric Acceptance Testing

100% Visual Inspection

Continuous Process Improvement

D1-9000 Avionics Quality Systems

In-process inspections

ISO quality standards and procedures

Test Results are captured and available as part of the documentation

UL 5506 Flammability Standard construction materials

UL Listed Insulation Systems

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