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Custom Avionics, Aerospace & Medical Power Transformers

Electronetics offers a wide variety of line frequency power transformers for 50 Hz, 60 Hz and 400 Hz applications for the avionics, aerospace and medical industries, to name a few. Electronics also offered sensing transformers (current or voltage) that deliver extremely accurate output while maintaining high isolation, small size and low cost. Our capabilities include:

Line - Line Isolation Transformer
This transformer is typically either 60 Hz or 50 Hz running from a wall socket or from commercial AC. Isolation is commonly listed as a voltage rating for shock safety.

Line - Line Autotransformer
Very similar to the line - line isolation transformer but without electrical isolation between the primary and secondary. Frequently used to slightly step-up or step-down voltage to allow for use of smaller core and coil (e.g. stepping up from 208 Volts to 240 Volts or stepping down from 240 Volts to 220 Volts).

Audio Isolation Transformer
These transformers are often used to distribute an audio amplifier's output to multiple speakers.

Current Sensing Transformer
These transformers sample high current through the primary and deliver an exact replica to the secondary at a lower current. May be high or low frequency, but are frequently in the 10KHz to 1MHz range. Minimum isolation voltage is often required between primary and secondary.

Voltage Sensing Transformer
Like current sensing transformers, voltage sensing transformers sample high voltage through the primary and deliver an exact replica to the secondary at a lower voltage. They are most often used for line frequency applications at 50 Hz and 60 Hz, but the range can be as wide as that of the current sensing transformer. Minimum isolation voltage is often required between primary and secondary.


Transformer Type

Audio Isolation Transformer
Current-sensing Transformer

Line-Line Autotransformer

Line-Line Isolation Transformer

Voltage-sensing Transformer


Ferrite Core

RF Frequency


Primary Voltage Range

110-230 VAC Single Phase
230-580 VAC 3-Phase, etc)

Operating Frequency

From line frequencies (50/60/400 Hz) to RF (1 MHz or more)

Secondary Voltage Range

Up to 40,000V

Output Power Rating

Up to 100 kVA


Free Standing Coil
Horizontal Chassis Mounting

PCB Mounting

Vertical Chassis Mounting


Flying Leads
PCB Pins

Quick Disconnect Terminals

Solder Lugs

Thru-Hole Bobbin Terminal

Effective Design Options

Cooling Systems
Custom Footprint Design



Low Profile Design

Magnetic Shielding

Test Results available in documentation


Audio Amplifier
Power Supplies, Aerospace, Medical, Avionics, Commercial Products


Scientific & Laboratory Equipment

Order Quantity

No order is too small or too large

Typical Lead Time

Lead time depends on customer requirements and scope

Quality Assurance

100% HiPot Testing
100% Parametric Acceptance Testing

100% Visual Inspection

Continuous Process Improvement

D1-9000 Avionics Quality Systems

In-process inspections

ISO quality standards and procedures

Test Results are captured and available as part of the documentation

UL 5506 Flammability Standard construction materials

UL Listed Insulation Systems

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