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Value-Added Assembly Services

Electronetics offers a variety of assembly and product finishing services to our customers, with the goal of preparing our customers' products for sale. We can do any required mechanical or electrical work to produce a functional assembly or sub-assembly, including testing and QC. We can also create custom branded packaging for your products.

One of our strengths is helping our customers refine, finish or add functionality to an incomplete design or idea. We can make technical recommendations regarding materials, design and manufacturing to minimize cost and enhance quality. Overall, our aim is to help our customers' ideas get to market.


Services Offered

Custom Packaging Design
Design Consultation

Electrical Testing

Manufacturing Services

Mechanical Assembly

Packing & Labeling Services

Potting & Encapsulating Services

Technical Recommendations

Wiring, Soldering & Crimping

Inventory Services

Blanket Orders
Inventory Management


Assembly Examples

Medical Electrical Plugs & Extension Cords
Potted Transformers for Solar Power

Residential & Commercial Plugs & Extension Cords

RV/Marine/Auto Electrical Plugs & Extension Cords

Industries Served


Cellular Phone



Residential Power


Quality Assurance

100% HiPot Testing
100% Parametric Acceptance Testing

100% Visual Inspection

Continuous Process Improvement

In-process inspections

ISO quality standards and procedures

Perform phyiscal test & analyze test results

UL 5506 Flammability Standard construction materials

UL Listed Insulation Systems

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